Queer Feelings is a photographic exploration of queerness and our intimate, complex relationship with our bodies, both physically and emotionally. It is an examination of vulnerability, blurring the space between private and public, possessing a new reality where our desire, mutability, and openness are able to gaze back at us.

In an effort to create deep, radical transparency around my creative process and this work, this document is meant to publicly share every aspect of this project’s ongoing goals and logistics.

Within Queer Feelings, I hope to create work that is expansive, that moves our hearts and minds, that dives deep in what it means to be queer and what it means to be within our bodies. As a white queer, trans artist, I am committed to ongoing personal and political work to address white supremacy through centering  marginalized queer people - particularly people of color, fat queers, disabled people, and trans people - in this project and by employing an informed consent structure of participation, rather than a traditional model of photography where the photographer owns the images. This commitment to an informed consent, opt-out model comes from desire to make creative work within the queer community while recognizing the ongoing, intersecting complexities that come with that work and to make the themes of Queer Feelings move beyond an art project into my own community action and accountability.

A part of the vision for the project has been to share that work publicly, through multiple platforms in hopes that people can access and interact with the project in a variety of ways. In addition to sharing the images online, the project consists of sharing the images as printed work. I feel passionately about the printed medium of this project, in part stemming from my love for printed photographic work and due to the impact of actually viewing an art in a shared space.

In each photoshoot, I seek to create a collaboration between the participant and myself centered around the sharing of vulnerable space. Creating the project has also meant that I am open to feedback, as an artist and a queer person in shared community. I earnestly welcome this feedback from participants in the project as well as the community at large.

Each individual who has participated in this project has affected me deeply and I carry these profound interactions with me in my daily life as a queer, trans person and in my creative work.

Every participant can choose:

  • How they feel most comfortable being photographed, including the physical setting and levels of nudity;

  • The name in which they want to be identified, if any at all, as well as whether they want their social media accounts to be connected with the images online; and

  • To have their images removed from the project at any time through opting-out. Opting-out of the project means that all photographs will be removed online and not included in any printed shows moving forward. If an individual wants to opt-out, they only need to contact me by email and do not need to provide any explanation.

Participants are not paid, but will receive a copy of the book with their images.

Photographs will be shared widely online, including in promotional material, various social media accounts, the Queer Feelings website, and press.

Whenever possible, the photos from Queer Feelings will be shared uncensored. However, when a specific platform does not allow for naked photographs, I will censor the images according to that platform’s requirements

Photographs are also available in print, in book form, and various other mediums, including at art shows. Printed work is for sale as an ongoing series of books as well as independent prints and in art shows.

All participants must be 18 years old or older.

This project makes no profit to me personally. All sales go to support printing and show costs. The costs associated with the project are printing, framing, and payment to venues that host the shows. If there is ever a time that Queer Feelings becomes monetarily profitable, all of those profits will be donated to community organizations.